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Document control

Document control refers to the process by which documents are created, reviewed, approved, distributed, amended and archived within an organisation. It ensures that documents are controlled throughout their lifecycle to ensure consistency, integrity and validity. This also includes versioning and traceability of document changes as well as documentation of training and training requirements for those working with the documents.

What is the difference between document control and document management?

Document control focuses on creating and controlling documents, while document management provides the technical infrastructure to implement these processes efficiently and ensure compliance. On the other hand, document management refers to the administration and organisation of these documents via a specialised system or software platform. It is about providing a centralised, secure and efficient document repository that facilitates access, search, security and audit-proof storage. This includes workflow management, access controls, and automated notifications to ensure regulatory requirements manage documents.

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Document control

SOP-Guard, the heart of the aiti-suite, deals with the nature of each QM system – the document. We developed the program from the first line for the QM needs of life science and similar companies. Even industry partners are increasingly working with it, for example, in logistics, which must comply with the exact regulatory requirements.