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GxP stands for “Good x Practice” and comprises a series of quality guidelines and regulations, with the “x” representing different areas.

GxP areas and fields of application

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Guidelines for ensuring the quality and safety of manufactured products, particularly pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice): Standards for conducting non-clinical studies to ensure the quality and integrity of laboratory data.

GCP (Good Clinical Practice): Regulations for conducting clinical studies that ensure the safety of study participants and the reliability of study results.

GDP (Good Distribution Practice): Requirements for the storage, transportation and distribution of medicinal products to ensure their quality and integrity all the way to the end user.

GVP (Good Pharmacovigilance Practice): Guidelines for monitoring the safety of medicinal products after their approval to identify and assess side effects and risks.

GSP (Good Storage Practice): Specifications for properly storing products, particularly medicinal products, to maintain their quality and efficacy.

GRP (Good Review Practice): Standards for the proper review and evaluation of scientific and regulatory documents by authorities and institutions.

GPP (Good Pharmacy Practice): Guidelines for pharmacy practice that ensure a high-quality, safe and adequate supply of medicines to patients.

GAP (Good Agricultural Practice): Standards for agricultural production to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials, particularly for food and pharmaceutical production.

GCPv (Good Clinical Practices for Veterinary): Guidelines for conducting clinical trials in veterinary medicine that ensure the safety of animals and the reliability of study results.

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