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Process management software

Process management at its best

FORM-Guard is the perfect solution to improve your company’s core QM processes, such as corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), change management, complaints or non-conformance recording. Minimize your team’s workload with digital forms accessible on PC or tablet touchscreens. FORM-Guard offers maximum flexibility and customized widgets that make it easier for your employees to save time. Switching to FORM-Guard can significantly reduce your process management costs compared to traditional paper-based processes.
FORM-Guard offers a platform for analyzing large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Your company can now benefit from valuable information as a basis for intelligent business decisions. It’s time for a change and to use FORM-Guard. With its impressive capabilities, it is sure to have a significant positive impact on the progress and success of your business.

Top 5 Benefits

  • FORM-Guard offers a 100% electronic solution for managing all form processes.
  • Our validated software offers maximum flexibility in the design of your forms and processes. You have the freedom to define authorisations and deadlines, including escalation levels.
  • Widgets provide a quick overview of the current status of your processes. Global monitoring brings you comprehensive data analyses.
  • Thanks to the internal audit trail function, you can trace any action anytime.
  • With FORM-Guard, we provide a professional and reliable software solution that meets all your requirements.

SOP-Guard is validated according to
GAMP 5, GxP and FDA compliant.

Customer Testimonials


Your business-critical processes are crucial to daily operations, and working with forms is a significant part of these operations. With FORM-Guard, your team can directly manage and edit traditionally paper-based forms (CAPA, Change-Control, etc.) in their web browser. This powerful solution makes working with various forms easier for your employees. Every team responsible for managing, archiving and analysing these forms and records save significant time and costs. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and say hello to the convenience and efficiency of FORM-Guard. Trust us to optimise your processes and maximise your productivity.

FORM-Guard allows you to manage and process your forms online efficiently. The software enables each employee to complete the assigned form area according to their activity and responsibility. The form is forwarded to the next responsible employee when data entry is complete. Management can use the digitally stored data to create customised evaluations that provide an optimal basis for important company decisions. We customise our evaluations precisely to your requirements to develop an irreplaceable added value for your company.

Our software solution can be installed at a location of your choice (on-site, private cloud, etc.) so that both the software and the data storage take place within your company’s data sovereignty. Thanks to web technology, our software is compatible with standard devices such as PCs, laptops, and tablets. The software comes to you as a validated virtual machine, and our maintenance contract strictly defines our responsibilities and clarifies our respective roles. In addition, we offer numerous interfaces that enable seamless connectivity with existing systems (e.g. Active Directory via LDAP).

  • FORM-Guard is fully validated as a product in accordance with GAMP 5 (category 3).

  • The software meets the requirements of the following regulations, among others: GxP (EU), ICH and 21 CFR Part 11.


  • Traceability through system-internal audit trail for detailed recording of actions in the system


  • Comprehensive validation packages (installation documentation, test case documents, risk analysis …)

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FORM-Guard, Softwarelösungen 5. September 2023
FORM Guard: Formularprozesse – effizient und GxP konform
FORM-Guard, Softwarelösungen 19. September 2023
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