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Mastering qualification at all stages

Adequately trained and qualified personnel form the basis of every successful company. In addition, the documentation of training and development measures is a central requirement of the regulations. It is always the subject of audits and inspections. SKILL-Guard fulfils all your training management requirements. This software offers centralised planning, automated documentation and informative status reports for supervisors and training managers. This allows you to verify and optimise the required qualification level of your employees at any time. Training new employees and ongoing training are seamlessly documented at all stages. The evidence is available to you at the touch of a button during audits. Thanks to SKILL-Guard, you always have electronic management of employee qualifications under control.

Top 5 benefits

  • Specialised training management for regulated life science companies.
  • Definition and control of training requirements in all areas of the company.
  • Global monitoring of training and qualifications for all employees.
  • Complete management of important training information, such as training content, documents, dates, training participants, etc.
  • Rapid availability of data and information for audits and inspections

SKILL-Guard is validated according to
GAMP 5, GxP and FDA compliant.

Customer Testimonials


SKILL-Guard is software designed to simplify the process of managing employee training programmes. Our software allows you to assign training plans based on job roles, departments, or skills, making identifying your organisation’s specific training needs easier. SKILL-Guard is ideal for any organisation that wants to streamline its training processes and keep its employees up to date with the skills and knowledge required to do their jobs.

SKILL-Guard offers a professional solution for managing your organisation’s training needs. Our software creates and updates a training matrix and links qualifications to your organisational units so you can easily monitor the progress of individual teams and team members. SKILL-Guard includes several features, such as automated reminders to ensure employees complete their training requirements on time. Be sure everyone on your team is ready for their respective job roles. With SKILL-Guard, there is no need for manual documentation, saving you valuable time and simplifying training management processes. Rely on SKILL-Guard for a reliable training management system that helps your team succeed.

Our software solution can be installed at a location of your choice (on-site, private cloud, etc.) so that both the software and the data storage take place within your company’s data sovereignty. Our software is compatible with popular devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets thanks to web technology. The software comes to you as a validated virtual machine, and our maintenance contract strictly defines our responsibilities and clarifies our respective roles. In addition, we offer numerous interfaces that enable seamless connectivity with existing systems (e.g. Active Directory via LDAP).

  • SKILL-Guard is fully validated as a product in accordance with GAMP 5 (category 3).

  • The software fulfils the requirements of the following regulations, among others: GxP (EU), ICH and 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Traceability through system-internal audit trail for detailed recording of actions in the system

  • Comprehensive validation packages (installation documentation, test case documents, risk analysis …)
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SKILL Guard: Schulungsmanagement – effektiv und GxP konform
Skill-Guard bildet alle Prozesse für ein GxP konformes Schulungsmanagement ab.
SKILL-Guard, Softwarelösungen 19. September 2023
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