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Process audit

Process audit in the GxP environment

A process audit in the GxP environment refers to the systematic review of processes and procedures in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices to ensure that they comply with applicable GxP regulations. This type of audit is crucial to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of products and services.

During a process audit, an organisation’s processes and procedures are reviewed in detail to ensure they meet established quality standards. This includes evaluating documentation, work instructions, training materials, and other relevant records.

A process audit in the GxP environment aims to identify potential areas of non-compliance, highlight opportunities for improvement, and ensure that all processes meet regulatory requirements. Proven methods such as interviews, document reviews, and on-site observations are used.

The results of a process audit are documented in an audit report, which includes the identified deviations, recommendations for improvement and necessary corrective and preventative measures.

Overall, the process audit in the GxP environment is an integral part of the quality management system. It ensures compliance with GxP regulations and promotes continuous process improvements. Through regular audits, companies can minimise risks, improve product quality, and strengthen consumer confidence in their products.

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Process audit

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