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Family friendliness in the aiti

The perfect balance between child and career – possible with us!

Edda and Martin Mühlbacher run aiti GmbH, a company in the heart of Graz specializing in the development of quality management software. As parents of three children and married for over two decades, they know the challenges of family life all too well.

Their remarkable journey began almost simultaneously with the birth of their first child and the founding of the company. That time marked the beginning of their biggest challenge: building a successful business while allowing their children to grow up happy and carefree.

And that’s why they know exactly what parents need in their professional lives – flexibility!

Parents need to be flexible in terms of working hours. Children can fall ill unpredictably. At aiti, we offer spontaneous time off and absolutely flexible working hours without core working hours.

Parents need a flexible workplace.
Childcare facilities can be cancelled at short notice. At aiti, parents can easily switch to a home office – just let us know and the workplace can be changed.

Parents need flexibility in their daily schedule.
An unexpected call about a sick child can come at any time. At aiti, family support comes first – everything else can wait.

With us, no one should be torn between work and family.
Flexibility is our key to satisfaction.

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