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ISO 27001

Current situation – 188 days to go!

We have been working intensively on the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard for a few weeks now. We have now created our own Jira board for the certification, in which all chapters and annexes are documented.
We are therefore entering the race with an impressive 144 issues.

Our biggest construction sites at the moment are
🤯 Chapter 6 > risk management with everything that goes with it
🤯 The search for software to manage our assets
🤯 QM becomes ISQM > the super disaster in the aiti suite, almost all documents in SOP-Guard and forms in FORM-Guard have to be sent for revision. SKILL-Guard is taking it easy, training is only scheduled for later 🙃

Our goal is to be through with the general chapters 4-10 by the end of the year and then let’s get to work on the appendix 😜

PS: Why another 188 days? The surveillance audit for ISO 9001 will take place at the beginning of June 2024 and we want to combine this with certification for ISO 27001.

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